HISTORY of Philippine
Women's College of Davao

Dean Conrado Benitez & Mrs. Francisca Tirona Benitez, are the two persons “who dreamt dreams and made their dreams come true”… That this how the Philippine Women’s University was founded in 1919. Soon after graduating from PWU, the alumnae in Mindanao had the same dreams, with the goal of extending quality education to young girls in Mindanao for the growth and development of their FAITH, PATRIOTISM, and LOVE FOR THE FAMILY.


We envision a graduate who is God-loving, academically competent, civic consious, environmentally and socially concerned, globally competitive, and committed to the promotion of peace.


To Educate: according to the four-fold objective of inculcating good moral character and personality, training for home and family life, preparing for vocation or profession and developing aptitude for community participation and leadership.

To Contribute: through research and continuous interaction with the community, to the enhancement of the spiritual, social and economic life in the country and the world at large.

To Lead: through pioneering in the field of gender education in the opening of new avenues towards the expansion of knowledge and opportunities, fostering of humanism and understanding, while conserving the wisdom and ideals of the ages and integrating the valuable inheritance of Filipino personhood.

Conrado L. Benitez II – President


Dr. Ida Yap-Patron

Chancellor & Vice President for Academic Affairs

Vicente P. Pijano III

Vice President for Institutional Development

Dr. Maria Alma G. Facto

VP for Administration, Human Resource Dev’t. Mgt Director

Aida T. Fedee

Vice President for Finance

About Us

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